Cool mutt


Cool boy dachshund is ready for that summer!

Credits: Samsung via Samsung Mobile and GIPHY


Round and round it goes


Free food and games. It’s a cat’s life.

Credits: Reddit OddlySatisfying via Panah Rad, Rad GIFs & Videos and Google+

Show some love…to your cat!


Why not display your affections for the special furry friend in your life?. A dozen roses showering on them. They’ll probably think it’s a fun game. You’ll probably develop hayfever.

For all the special cats in our lives….

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Chilled barn cat


A nice warm bed made of straw, limitless birdsong, your favourite dolls and dinner that runs around your bedroom. No wonder why this cat is so overweight.

Dedicated to the mouse spotted running around my office this morning, taking a leisurely stroll and chasing its tail.

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