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After a hot and sunny two weeks in Mauritius, I’m now back to the cold streets of London Town, and of course Gifville. I’m now getting acclimatised to life in the UK. Its very cold though.

Credits: Via Dorina Do, BEAUTY IN IMAGES (GIF likers ) and Facebook

Westminster washout


In London, well, the whole country, temperatures these past couple of weeks have been ranging in the high 20-early 30s (deg. Celsius). It’s just been wall-to-wall sunshine, with nary a drop of rain. The chatter about dried-out reservoirs, hosepipe bans (and yes, THAT summer back in 1976) started up as soon as the heatwave did. Now everyone is begging it to rain like it’s doing in the London GIF above. Mmmm… maybe wait until October, my lovelies.

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Pray for London – 03.06.2017


As you may well be aware, there was a terrorist attack last night in the Borough area. Seven people have been killed and dozens injured. We are living in a dark age now, and we should overcome differences of religion, race, political stance, whatever, and pull together in one common theme – humanity.

“More mindless atrocities caused by pathetic oxygen thieves (and that’s putting it kindly). Us Londoners are a tough lot, and we will not be cowed by those who are demons in human disguise. We’ll always be strong, united and courageous in the face of terror. Long live London, long live humanity” (my own words)

#PrayForLondon #LondonBridge

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