The great ceiling drop-in


This morning, after years of water leaking through my house’s ceiling from the bathroom, and a massive crack in the landing which my landlord never bothered with, part of the plaster gave way. There is now dust and lethal chunks of plaster all over the area near my front door. Luckily, no-one got hurt, human or cat.

Credits: Animated GIFs via Giphy

Spider in the sink

Last night, while going to the kitchen sink to fill the kettle for some tea, I endured one of the biggest frights of my entire life. A huge hairy house spider resting in that very sink. As a qualified arachnophobe I was rooted to the spot. It took my short housemate to obliterate the poor mite (!) with a paper towel and fling it in the bin. It is currently mating season for these monstrous arachnids, with males entering British homes looking for food, shelter and a significant other. Good times.

Credits: via Giphy