Let me have a sip!



The sadness inside when your friend won’t let you have a little swig of what he’s having.

Credits: Originals and GIPHY

Work phones


At my workplace I actually have two phone lines, my direct extension and a switchboard hotline for customers. Sometimes I have to be careful not to get the two confused. Caller ID on the screen helps though.

Credits: Vero Beach Florida Pool Table, Billiard Table and Snooker Table Service Information via GifCities and Internet Archive

India 2017 – Back in the UK


After two weeks in India, I’m now back home at London, and this is my first post since arriving at my home and Gifville HQ. I’m still getting used to Brit life and I can say I had a great holiday with lots of memories and experiences to look back on.

Credits: Tele Rickshaw via Giphy and Tele Rickshaw Facebook page