A whole week of social media


When it gets this bad, it’s time to lock up the smartphone.

Credits: Laura Weiss, Sprout Social and dribbble via Dribbble, Loho Shee, Animation & Motion and Pinterest

Try our new class timetable from today, Vijay!


My gym is offering a new timetable of classes, of which the GIF above forms part of its marketing promotion. They are also bringing some new music. I usually do my thang in the main gym, as I only get some much time.

Credits: PureGym via Outlook



Today marks the launch of GDPR, the Europe-wide data protection legislation which gives more power to the individual about how their data is used, gathered, treated and stored by public and private corporations. As someone who works a great deal with customer data, this is something I’ve been prepared for for a while. My inbox meanwhile, is groaning from all the GDPR compliance emails from companies I never realised I had any dealings with XD

Credit: Virtual College

First Dog on the Moon Calendar

It’s the 2016 official First Dog on the Moon Calendar

A fun cartoon graphic which appeared on the website of the British newspaper The Guardian today. It was created by First Dog on the Moon, the Walkley award winning political cartoonist for The Guardian Australia. They are one of many great cartoonists to have been immortalised in GIFs. Australia’s unique cassowary bird also gets a special mention.

Credits: First Dog on the Moon via The Guardian