Sliding tackle


A tackle that failed so badly (or was it unluckily) that the poor guy slid right out of that pitch, right out of that football ground and slid straight onto the bus for the ride of shame home.

Credits: Nike via Nike Football, Giphy, UpsGif, GIFs and Facebook

The 241 to Stratford City


The route no. 241 is the bus I take to Plaistow tube station on my way to work. Sometimes I arrive too late at the bus stop and miss the 241. I get mad, but not as mad as the lady in the above GIF. I feel her pain though.

Credits: Giphy via Gifebi and Facebook

Goodbye Fitzrovia

This will be my last post at Gifville from my office in Mortimer Street, Fitzrovia, in bonny London. As of next week, I will be relocating to my previous office in Tottenham Court Road. I will be missing Oxford and Regent Streets, especially at Christmas time.

Credits: Happening London via Md yaseen Mehboob and Google+