My telly’s going smart


Tomorrow I’ll be taking delivery of a Toshiba 32W3863DB 32″ Smart TV. It is a flatscreen telly with Smart technology, meaning I can access the internet on it, watch YouTube videos and even use my SMARTPHONE (lol) as a remote for it. I’m getting it courtesy of AO Retail Ltd. I had bought it as a treat for myself from as my old set has a missing part lost while I moved to Ilford, so therefore it doesn’t work anymore.

Credits: via Shopping OffersTelevisions and Pinterest

Gifville now updated to Windows 10


The Gifville Laptop has now been upgraded to Windows 10, thanks to a free scheme for updating by Microsoft for home users of MS Windows 7, 8 and 8.1. The new OS came out on 29th July 2015, and Gifville joined the fun on the first day of August.

My first impressions…they’ve done a good job combining Windows 8 with its predecessors. The icons are nice and my laptop seems a bit faster.

Welcome to Windows 10 🙂

Credit: Wired