UK Mother’s Day 2018 – 3



Mother’s Day 2018 is nearly drawing to a close, and all the lucky mums out there are probably sitting down, savouring their gifts from their daughters and sons, and enjoying the chocolates they’ve been gifted. Just don’t eat the whole box all at once.

Credits: rebloggy via GIPHY, Fiona Scobie and Facebook

Watching the world drift on by


Catching those last few minutes of freedom and solitude before he had to get on the 15.25 flight to Qatar. Selling kibbles to the pampered pets of sheikhs and sheikhas isn’t a resting job.

Credits: Via Ilario (úquen), Animated Gif and Google+

Well alright then



This is Aidan. He just passed his driving test. The neighbourhood bully has found a new way to annoy him. Don’t be like Aidan. Open your car door and smash the ducker’s window in.

Credits: RPJcomedy and YouTube via GIFs, GIFs and Facebook