International Women’s Day 2019



A big shoutout to all the hard-working women out there, whether in schools, offices or at home.

Credits: Prof. Lourdes Cerezo’s Lengua Inglesa III Listening via GifCities and Internet Archive


This board has sadness drawn all over it


She/he looked, and before her eyes, something she had never seen, tears pooled in his/her eyes, and, like rain, fell. What was so terrible?

Credits: Kathiuska and Tumblr via jabon liqui d o, gif^ and Pinterest

Look, I can draw kitty too


One of my favourite GeoCities GIFs, a little invisible hand chalks a drawing of a cat on the nursery blackboard. The innocence and sweetness of a child’s creativity.

Credits: Antonia Leila and FUNKY PICS via GifCities and Internet Archive

World Teachers’ Day 2016

Today is World’s Teacher Day, a day declared since 1994 by the UN, in honour of teachers and educators everywhere, the hard work they put in, the sacrifices they make, and for the inspiration they give to millions of students. This one goes out to the teachers at Faircross Special School (Barking), Sandringham Primary School (Forest Gate), Central Park Primary School (East Ham), Lister Community School (Plaistow), Leyton Sixth Form College (Leyton) and finally the University of Westminster, for guiding me and making me the smart guy that I am.

Credit: Also Into Cats