Circa late Jurassic era – Gifvilleasaurus shahii – lived in primordial fern forests in what is now Gifville. It fed upon horse chestnuts and wild coriander (didn’t do ferns, really) and with its lean and muscular hind legs, this bipedal dinosaur as capable of hunting down unusual and elusive proto-GIFs. It also liked to play the sitar. A mortal enemy of the fat purple dinosaur, Barney.

Credit: Best Animations

My 32nd birthday


Yay!…it’s the 4th of October, 2016, and today I’ve turned 32. An old friend from Gifville, the Psychedelic Paws Cat, has popped over this morning to wish this old fart a happy birthday.

Meanwhile, IRL, here’s a message one of my sisters left me on WhatsApp:


Cant believe u are 32. U old fart. Hope u have a lovely day and expect your bday beats when i see ya. Lol… lots of hugs and kisses from ur crazy ass sis and ur lil niece xxxxxxxx

Credits: Best Animations via Giphy