The long way through


Some cute Chinese banners from the Dream Shen Meng Co., Ltd. website, a Geocities site that operated from Hong Kong. I’m not sure if ‘Long Way Home’ is the name of a Cantonese pop band from the 1990s.

Credits: Dream 沈夢 株式會社。via GifCities and Internet Archive

Flags and maps and things


Two miniature GIFs I stumbled upon while doing research for a work report on energy industries in Cote d’Ivoire. Decisively old-school Web 1.0, these GIFs offer links to find maps and flags of the world. The Theodora World Flags one at the top is very well executed in how the flags change from one nation to the next.

Credits: World Flags and Quick Maps via ita, Photius Coutsoukis and Information Technology Associates

Bridging your way with some commercial ads


I spotted these two adverts on an article about Brexit and Islamic finance on the Bridging and Commercial website while doing some social media work for a consultancy I work for. You can go chill with penguins while sorting out a loan, before calling up Alex for some new property investment business to help you pay off those bridging loans.

Credits: MT Finance and Lendinvest via Bridging & Commercial

Pharmabiz banners


A selection of different pharmaceutical event and advertising banners from the website – India’s most comprehensive pharma portal. These were pulled off a news article about a meeting between India and Africa over API drugs imports.