My land of dreamy unicorns



A pleasant land of dreaming unicorns, cute angels and endless love, forever bathed in the sunshine of happiness.

Credits: blackwidow47 and Photobucket via Randy Halliday, I love Heartfelf gif and Facebook

The Meg



Me and a friend are planning to go to the Barking Showcase cinema for the opening show of the aquatic horror The Meg when it is released next month. Basically you have a massive prehistoric shark, the Megalodon, that likes to chomp submarines. It’s Jaws on steroids!

Credits: GIPHY via Martha Sorren and Azula

Our cat angel



Yesterday evening, after suffering a stroke two days before, our pet cat Lucky was put to sleep at a vets’ surgery in Chadwell Heath. She is now an angel in animal heaven and is probably now keeping a firm eye on us and her naughty playmate Neo from up there. We miss you, Muchi Mao Mao….

Credits: Velvet Paws via GifCities and Internet Archive