LaCroix – Team 230 Mauritius


Back to our Midwestern fizzy water again, and I had some more fun on the MyLaCroix website and produced this snazzy can dedicated to my mum’s country, Mauritius. Named ‘Team 230’ after the IDD dialling code for Mauritius, the colours of the drink are based on the island’s flag. What does it taste like? I reckon either like tropical fruit juice or Eski Vanilla (ask a Mauritian).

Credits: Vijay Shah via Nelson Cash and Make My LaCroix

Platonic Solid Zoom – Sacred Geometry


The fourth in our February 2016 series of GIFs by artist Ansel Bickerton.

The five platonic solids are the only regular three dimensional objects. If you take any platonic solid you will find that on each solid all the faces are made of equilateral shapes, that is, every edge is equal. Each face is exactly the same and at each vertex the same number of faces meet. It has been proven for at least 2,300 years that these are the only shapes that can exist that are regular in such regard. The five are: Tetrahedron, Octahedron, Hexahedron (cube), Icosahedron, and the Dodecahedron. Each of the platonic solids in the animation was originally a mixed media painting.

Credits: Ansel Bickerton and Sacred Geometry