Heavy-duty contemplation


When your mind is abuzz with ideas and concepts, you just have to sit down and make sense of it all.

Credits: Yuriy Miron and Behance via walace, W and Pinterest

Awkward turns



If I was a driving instructor, I’d be tearing my hair out now just watching this camera footage shot in October 2013.

Credits: GIPHY via Nika Kodelashvili, GIFs Community and Facebook

Realistic animated waving Mauritius flag in sky with sun and cloud

A waving Mauritian flag suspended in a sunny sky, with the country’s name below. My mother originates from the town of Rose Hill (Rose Hill-Beau Bassin) in the west of Mauritius.

Originally shared on PHOTO MOMENT: Old Mauritian coins – HalfEatenMind – 07.09.2013

Credits: Red Dodo