Basically my computer does everything



Music, internets, corny little cat videos. This machine looks prehistoric, but it does EVERYTHING!!

Credits: STANRENT via GifCities and Internet Archive

Travelling to the stars



An RPG game that takes you travelling around other worlds. Hmmm, sounds interesting.

Credits: Support for the Sci-Fi RPG Traveller via GifCities and Internet Archive

#30YearsofGIFs – 2


Our second #30YearsofGIFs post introduces the ‘Dancing Banana’. This little yellow fellow was another Internet GIF pioneer. Appearing in the early 2000s, this fruit derived from a cult Flash video “Peanut Butter Jelly Time” made by Ryan Gancenia Etrata and Kevin Flynn (with the song “Peanut Butter Jelly Time” by The Buckwheat Boyz). Just like the Dancing Baby, the banana achieved celebrity status, appearing in a 2005 episode of Family Guy.

The Dancing Banana became so well-known that some forum owners set the word banana to show a dancing banana emoticon GIF.

Check out this fun article on GIF history by magazine ScoopWhoop, with its very own illustrative GIFs

Credits: Vijay Shah, Blingee, Know Your Meme

Vijay’s classic GIFs 2007-2011 – 182


Lollercaust – probably one of the more controversial classic GIFs posted here. Of course the Holocaust is no joke, but this is an example of the culture of internet speak of the 2000s and from an artistic view, an interesting use of HTML and text characters.

GIF: lollercaust                                                                                                                DATE: 04/07/2008

Credits: Ratedesi Forums

Vijay’s classic GIFs 2007-2011 – 40

I own your ass!!

Sorry for the bad language, I know normally Gifville is a swear-free blog, but these grues are to be highly feared. A popular meme character back in the mid-2000s, grues were monsters associated with video games. A popular saying among gamers in those grue-ridden days was “It is pitch black. You are likely to be eaten by a grue.”

GIF: gruez                                                                                                                DATE: 08/12/2007

Credits: Ratedesi Forums, Wikipedia