Metatron’s Suite: Shift – Sacred Geometry


This piece features Metatron’s Cube at the top. Traveling clockwise we see a tetrahedron, hexahedron (cube), icosahedron, octahedron, and a stellated octahedron. Appearing in the center is a dodecahedron. These are the five Platonic Solids as well as one stellated (star) solid. The Platonic Solids are at the only five 3d shapes that exist which possess equal regular polygonal faces, an equal number of faces meeting at each vertex, and edges that are all equal. This has been proven for at least 2,300 years.

6/10 – March 2016

Credits: Ansel Bickerton and Sacred Geometry

3 thoughts on “Metatron’s Suite: Shift – Sacred Geometry

  1. you may want to check out Archangel Metatron in his physically incarnated form on Earth as Buddha Maitreya, the 2nd coming of Christ. He’s here! Thank God

    Here is His sacredly designed Monastery: Shambhala Planetary Monastery in Northern California–all built in sacred geometry

    Here are His sacredly designed energetic healing tools and pyramids

    His Life Extending Wellness Center, where miracles happen

    Be Well!

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  2. the link I posted above for Shambhala Monastery isn’t connecting well
    Here are more! ~

    Also, the Worldwide OM Meditation is
    Live-Online/or In person ~7 nights a week-Worldwide
    for peace on Earth and the ending of ALL suffering.
    It includes divine teachings by Buddha Maitreya live nightly-
    it is currently broadcasting live from His central teaching pyramid at Shambhala.

    I have spent a lot of time at Shambhala
    It is truly Heaven-On-Earth.

    OM. Be Well.

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