Homer and the joint



Our good friend Homer Simpson gets hold of some wacky baccy. Now he’ll have a Monday morning he’ll most likely forget.

Credits: Fox Broadcasting Company, Vaya GIF! and ImageShack via Al Heden Chrism‎, Awesome GIF’s and Facebook

Nice meeting you – Werner Hornung


A GIF created by blind GIF designer George RedHawk and based on the ‘digital painting’ of the same name by Werner Hornung.

Hornung is a digital fine artist who was born in Konstanz, Germany. He emigrated to France in the 1970s to take up a career in advertising. His artistic career first began with collages before purchasing a computer and turning his hand to digital art. He has picked up several art awards and is a member of the Russian Academy of Fine Arts.


Credits: Werner Hornung and George RedHawk via TumblrThe GIFronomicon, Trippy GIF and FacebookWerner Hornung
art made with digital tools

Aaarrrgghh…little kids vs. errant hosepipe

I should try this next time my little niece pulls faces at me from the glass-fronted back door of my mum’s living room, but then Princess Elsa might turn the hose on me!

Credits: onlylolgifs via ‎Gemma Jax, Radio Plus – Mauritius/Ile-Maurice and Facebook

Keeping an eye on you, me and CCTV

There are 25 million CCTV cameras in operation worldwide, with 2.5 million in the UK. A person walking on London’s streets will be filmed by as many as 100 cameras per day.

Credits: GeoGIF (GIFs) and Facebookwww.CCTVsigns.co.uk